Monday, July 29, 2013

McDonald's... For a limited time only

Some of these things were only available outside the U.S., and a few of them still are on a limited basis.

How many of these short-lived McDonald's menu items can you remember?

[the pitch] lobster meat, lobster sauce, lettuce on a hot dog bun. it was a friend to the "McCrab"
[the miss] it was too expensive, and no trusted seafood from a fast food restaurant

McGratin Croquette
[the pitch] deep fried macaroni, shrimp and potatoes
[the miss] it tasted horrible

[the pitch] grilled pineapple instead of meat
[the miss] tasted... not so good, and couldn't compete with the newly launched McFish

[the pitch] the McD's version of a what we know today as a "Hot Pocket"
[the miss] service time was entirely too long and no one goes to Mickey D's for pizza

[the pitch] one of three pasta dishes  available at dinner time with vegetables as a side dish
[the miss] spaghetti?? as fast food??

[the pitch] intended as part of an international menu during the Olympics
[the miss] severe backlash  as it was released at a time when the famine situation in Africa was severe

Arch Deluxe
[the pitch] it was marketed as an "adults only" burger
[the miss] well... it was marketed as an adults only burger

[the pitch] literally a hot dog
[the miss] it never caught on seeing as how it wasn't a hamburger

[the pitch] the cold veggies were separated from the hot meat
[the miss] the Styrofoam packaging was considered excessive and environmentally unfriendly. And who wants to assemble their own food, anyway.

Big and Tasty
[the pitch] attempted to compete with the Burger King's Whopper
[the miss] lost in a crowd of other new releases including their Angus burger

McLean Deluxe
[the pitch] a healthy burger that was "91% fat free"
[the miss] the "meat" patty was mostly water and seaweed

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