Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Would Enfold Your Death and Mine

I would enfold your death and mine, as close
As our two lives have been together bound;
To your dire scar I would conjoin my wound,
And bind with yours my fate of joys and woes.
I would entwine our wills, until yours chose
To be my partisan forever found;
For I have gained your love, and sorrow-crowned,
You have shown courage to a world of foes.
Like the simoon I gather up your dust
And heap on high a little pile of trust
And hope and pain on pain, to call it ours;
Here at the gates of an eternal rest,
As all our dreams have known the self-same bowers,
So shall my soul and yours have but one breast.

                                     --Pedro Requena Legarreta (1893-1918)

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