Friday, January 21, 2011


Day three
“It bombarded my senses, the sounds, the smells, and the visual stimulation,. The smell, it was swampy. It was wood smoke. It was pot. It was body odor. It was cooking campfires. It just bombarded you. You could smell the rain that was about t come. It was humid. The sky was dark and gray. There was a hum, noise, voices, music in the background- not just from the concert; strumming of guitars, flutes, crying babies. And, the intercom- you could hear from the staging area calling for people, lost children, ‘you wife is about to have a baby,’ whatever. That bombarded you. the sounds and the smell, coupled with the movement- the activity, the commotion that was going on, whether it was people dancing to your left, people eating or sleeping or making love to your right, or people fighting- not physically fighting, but verbally fighting, which you didn’t see much. Maybe a little argument now and again. And laughter, so much laughter. And, as the night went on and as the sun went down, the sky had a red glow.”
~ Bobby Ercoline, Woodstock Attendee

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